Repair Lounge

Burners who come to get their bikes fixed can hang out in our repair Lounge.  We have some interesting things going on here ….

Mural Painting – throughout the week a mural is available for the participants at the Bike Gods Lounge/waiting area to paint on.  At the end of the week come by and we will cut the mural up and you can take part of it home!





Photo Booth

In 2016 one of our ace mechanics, Rambo, set up a self service photo booth in our lounge area.  It was totally fun and if you took your own photo then you can see it or download it here Bike Gods Photo Booth pictures

Other Events ________________________________________________________________________

Trash Fence Bike Ride – on Saturday morning of the Burn … a bike god tradition.  Ride the entire perimeter of Burning Man!  The first place prize to the rider who collects the most MOOP along the way is a new Cadillac.  Second place is a set of steak knives.