Camp Manifesto

(Short Version)

It takes a lot of work in a variety of areas to pull together a theme camp for Burning Man.

The whole event revolves around Burning Man’s Ten Principles. Please read and adhere to this set of principles while you are participating in Burning Man.

1.  Radical Inclusion

2.  Gifting

3.  Decommodification

4.  Radical Self-reliance

5.  Radical Self-expression

6.  Communal Effort

7.  Civic Responsibility

8.  Leaving No Trace

9.  Participation

10. Immediacy

The Bike Gods are a happy, compassionate, drama free, and inclusive tribe – we welcome all Burners into our camp who share these same values.

We all put in hours prior to, during, and after the event closes.  We fully expect that all campers are contributing.  That said, don’t worry, there is a good balance and the hours you spend working will be a small fraction of the hours you will be adventuring and playing.

Camp Preparation:

You must join the Bike Gods Facebook group to communicate with the camp. Even if you aren’t a FB user, this is our tool of choice and we appreciate your best effort to keep up with the communications posted there.

For old and new Bike Gods peeps, here is a list of references to read.

If you were among the lucky people to get a ticket in the general sale, congrats! If not, you may be eligible for a Bike Gods Directed Group Sales ticket.  Each year the camp is allotted a set number of tickets in order to ensure we have critical mass.  If you should be granted one of these golden tickets, you must know that they are for Bike Gods campers only.  Distribution is tightly managed. If you decide not to camp with us, you must return the ticket for another Bike Gods member to use.


If you get early entry from Bike Gods (which are limited) please be there when you say you will. We will set-up the Bike Gods camp on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, with everybody that got an early entry ticket. We plan to be ready at 10am when the gates open on Sunday morning.

Most important is that we are a theme camp and we fully participate in Burning Man. To be a part of the Bike Gods, all camp members should sign up for a fair number of shifts for one (or more) of our offerings to the community. If you have a scheduled event/shift @ Bike Gods – please be there, no excuses.

  • Bike Gods repair mechanic
  • Bike Gods greeters
  • Bike Gods DIY parts and moop gofer
  • ShangriLounge bartender
  • ShangriLounge greeter

In addition to our community offerings the Bike Gods expects that you to help with the running of the camp. The Bike Gods Playa Schedule (Google Sheet) will tell you when it’s your turn.  This includes:

  • Moop Patrol (Matter Out Of Place)
  • Ice Fetcher
  • Chill space cleanup
  • Shower area cleanup
  • Kitchen Duties

Lastly, there are impromptu things that may come up and that you are expected to help with. Examples include:

  • Securing the shade structure, tent, floor, flags, or shower from the wind
  • Propping up light fixtures or other things that have fallen over
  • Picking up loose items around camp before they become moop
  • Providing a helping hand or a comforting shoulder to someone
  • Whatever else that you see needs to be done.

…and for fun, we hope that all of you will help with our Bike Gods Camp Party starting on Thursday at 3pm and participate in our Camp Photo Shoot on Thursday at 4:30pm.

Before leaving the playa, everyone should help with some breakdown tasks (breaking down the shade tent structure, taking trash off-playa, helping organize camp gear, and writing down what we have and what is needed for next year, mooping the camp, etc.).

Camp Fees:

Camp fees are $200 per person.  There are bonuses/discounts for camp members who contribute extra work to the success of the camp

  • (-$25) For members who participate in pre-burn camp planning, acquiring camp supplies and equipment and other pre-burn duties.
  • (-$25) packing and loading camp equipment for the trip to Burning Man.
  • (-$25) camp build and set up (early entry)
  • (-$25) camp tear down and cleanup (on Sunday)
  • (-$25) unloading, cleaning and storing camp equipment

Camp fees are the property of the camp and are not refundable should you decide not to go to Burning Man or to camp with another camp.

If you bring in a virgin or new person to Bike Gods, you are their “sponsor” – please educate them about what is expected at Burning Man and as part of a theme camp. Have them read the First Time Survival Guide and the full Bike God’s Manifesto. You also agree to be responsible for them if they cause problems by not participating in good faith.

Full Manifesto:

Camp members please read the full Manifesto, linked from our private Facebook Group, for details on:

  • Camp Etiquette
  • Kitchen use
  • Shower use
  • Responsibly serving alcohol
  • Photos and privacy