Bike God Repair

Bike Gods mechanics full service bike repair operation

Bike Gods repair mechanic hours went very well at 6:45&C in 2016.  It was M-F 12-4 although we usually worked until 5.  There were always at least 4 bike mechanics per shift with up to 6 mechanics at times.  The mechanics repaired up to 90 bikes per day with the load tapering off towards the end of the week. We had a nice volunteer turn out with mechanics from other camps also. 

We used over 250 tubes (on top of the many tubes that participants supplied) along with many tires, chains, saddles, pedals, wheelsets, nuts and bolts, rim strips, grips, etc all supplied by a bike shop in Reno. While the participants were waiting for a mechanic to be available we had a chill space in the shade with couches, a mural to paint on and a photo booth.

For Bike Gods repair mechanics in 2017 we plan to keep the same hours but expand the number of mechanics per shift to 6 in the first part of the week as the demand is quite a bit higher for our services.  We also are going to expand the parts that we have bring to the playa to include more complete replacement wheels, more tires and tubes, more hardware as well as other items. Leftover spare parts will be donated to the DPW Yellow Bike program.