What type of bike should I bring to Burning Man?

“Having a bicycle at Burning Man is crucial, if not essential, to your overall enjoyment and experience within Black Rock City. Given the rapid growth and expansion of the city in recent years, a pedal-powered means of navigation is a prudent, high-priority item when you’re packing.” ~ Burningman.org

The optimum playa bike is a single speed beach cruiser.  This bicycle is characterized by:

  • Fat tires.  To easily glide over the sand and soft spots.
  • Single speed drive train.  No derailleurs to get bent in transport or cables to get gunked up with playa grit.
  • Coaster brake. No cable brake maintenance issues.
  • Saddle. A wide, cushy, sprung bike seat.
  • Kickstand. To park your bike easily.
  • Lights.  The more lights the better – but at least a headlight and tail light.
  • Lock.  Every bike needs a lock at the burn.
  • Comfortable upright riding position.
  • Reliable.  Make sure the bicycle is in good workable order.

Keep it simple!