How to carry your stuff on the playa

A standard single speed beach cruiser with a rear rack and clip on front basket.

At Burning Man your bike is the main way you’ll get around.  A lot of times you need to bring things with you or fetch things (like ice) so here are some common ways to do it using your trusty bicycle.

  • front basket
  • bicycle racks – rear rack, front rack
  • box or milk crate attached to a rack
  • panniers and bags attached to a rack
  • bike trailer
  • cargo bike

Different types of front baskets and racks:

Bicycle baskets and front racks


Rear Racks

There are many ways to utilize a rear rack.  The simplest is using  bungee cords to secure a load to the rack.  You can also attach a wire basket, box, ice chest or milk crate to the rack for carrying items.

Many people use a milk crate on their rear rack to hold items

Attaching a tool box or even a small ice chest to the rear rack is also an option that burners utilize


Bicycle Trailers

Child carrier converted to a cargo trailer. You can often pick up a used child trailer on Craigslist for a reasonable price.


Cargo Bikes

The extra-long “Cargo Bike” work extremely well on the playa.

Yuba Supermarche Cargo bike – carry 250 lbs in basket + 80 lbs on rear rack.

The cargo trikes are harder to pedal on the playa