Bike locks for Black Rock City


Even though it is Burning Man …. bicycles have a way of disappearing on the playa if they are not locked.  Even in your camp you’ll need to lock your bike. When you use the porta potties lock your bike. Anytime you stop – lock your bike.

The problem is not that there are malicious bike thieves afoot it is just inconsiderate people looking for a quick ride across the playa.   So the lock that you bring to the burn doesn’t need to be able to withstand cutting or breaking – a pretty basic lock will work just fine at BRC.  A combination lock is best so that you don’t have to keep track of keys.  The “word” locks are cool because they’re easy to remember.

These Word Locks curl up for easy carrying.

For locking multiple bikes together a longer cable is better.  Also if the cable is straight,  not the curl up type, it’s way easier to thread through multiple bikes.

This lock has a longer straight cable to easily stretch longer distances. It also has a built in LED for night time use.

Bike locks are a commonly lost item at the playa.  You should bring some extra locks for your camp or group.  Pretty cheap insurance as an unlocked bike has a really good chance of disappearing and the chances of finding it again are virtually nil.  Not having a bike at BRC can put a damper on your burn, especially if all your friends are riding .

I noticed that they do make a combination U-Lock now, so if you are bringing a nice bike and want more security it’s an option.