How to fix a flat tire on your bike

In the spirit of Radical Self Reliance here’s how to fix a flat bike tire.

If you find yourself in need of a spare tube, some tools or a pump then you can head over to the Bike Gods DIY Repair and still fix it yourself fast! 24/7 – it’s lighted at night and under shade for the day.

Or another option is that you can always come by our BGs camp during bike mechanic hours (M-F 12-4) and we’ll be happy to help you fix it 🙂

Bicycle tire repair tools that you’ll need to do-it-yourself :

  • bike pump
  • tire levers
  • spare tube to fit your tire size
  • 15mm wrench for wheel nuts if you don’t have quick release hubs
Tire Repair Tools

Tire Repair Tools

For advanced flat fixers you can patch a tube with a hole in it also.  You need to have a patch kit with fresh glue or pre-glued patches available at any bike shop.

Glue Patch kit – works the best

Pre-Glued patches