Bike Gods – 2019 Burning Man theme camp

Welcome to The Bike Gods Theme Camp Website. Providing essential bike repair, parts, supplies and knowledge to the playa since 2010.  We provide Radical Self Reliant Bike Repair 24/7 with Bike God mechanics and helpers available Mon-Fri for 8 hours a day. Since our camp stretches road-to-road, on our other road front we have a very popular Bike Gods Lounge, under shade for daytime fun.

Our camp is international and diverse and we have a wide range of contributions besides bike repair including the fantastic  mutant vehicle  Lanterne Rouge, which will once again roam the playa doing art tours by day and partying at night.  Last but not least we have an awesome Bike Gods Lounge with a mural painting, comfortable lounge, a fun photo booth and a tandem bike taxi service!

The Bike Gods at Burning Man 2018 I, Robot